New Automax Service Center Will Make Auto Repair More Convenient and Create New Jobs In Killeen and Surrounding Area.

Introducing ServiceMax - Automax's Enormous Auto Service Hub

ServiceMax is the name of the upcoming automotive service center from Automax. But to say it'll be merely an auto repair shop, is like saying the Chrylser building is kind of tall. At 103,000 sq. ft and 93 bays, makes it equipped to practically maintain and service an entire fleet of cars or trucks in Killeen. Automax has been providing years of top-notch quality service in auto sales and maintenance to the Killeen and Temple area for years now, but with the new construction of this sprawling automotive service center, they'll be taking their capacity to provide excellent customer care to a whole new level.  

The Large Size Means Faster Automotive Services for You

103,000 sq.ft and 93 bays! What does it mean for you? 93 Bays means they are capable of servicing 93 vehicles. With an Automotive service center of this caliber, waiting for your vehicle to receive quality care will be much less of an issue for the Killeen or Fort Hood driver.

All Makes and Models Will Be Serviced

Automax regularly provides automotive service to Ford, Hyundai, Mitsubishi and Volkswagen brands. But ServiceMax will open up opportunities for all drivers - no matter their make and model, to receive Automax's quality brand of automotive service. Most dealerships typically reserve their services exclusively to customers who have purchased from them. But the new service center from Automax, will provide service to all makes and models. Whether you're driving a shiny top-of the line Ford F-150 that just needs an oil change, or you're the one with the dented, smoke spouting, 1996 Nissan that barely passed inspection and needs a new catalytic converter - ServiceMax will be the place to take your vehicle for maintenance or repairs.

Now Hiring in Auto Sales and Service Technicians

Because of ServiceMax, career opportunities in Killeen and Ft. Hood are about to boom! If you're a skilled auto service technician, or a gung-ho individual with some experience in sales, and you are looking for a new job in Killeen, this is your opportunity to make your mark. Automax is looking for you! Learn more by calling 254.699.2629, or stop by and fill out an application today.